vlak makes high-tech lighting

vlak makes high-tech lighting. Its first, vlak 1 is an LED desk lamp that is bent from a flat sheet of printed circuit board, merging modern technology and craft.

Twist the knob and a soothing, warm light appears. Turn further, and the light becomes a bright day-light shine, just like an old-fashioned light bulb.

The new vlak 2 builds upon the same light but uses reclaimed laptop batteries as its power source.

vlak 1

vlak 1 is revolutionary in more than one aspect. It’s the first lamp that’s made out of Insulated Metal Substrate (IMS), an elegantly thin sandwich of brushed aluminium, isolation, copper and matte black paint.

vlak 2

vlak 2 goes a step further. Because it's battery powered, you can take it anywhere in your interior. The batteries are reclaimed from old laptops and electric cars

vlak 3

Your wall deserves the soft glow of a sunset.

vlak 3 is a wall light made of silky etched glass, featuring a brass-coloured dimmer. Twist the knob, and the lamp starts emitting a very soft orange glow. Turn further, and the light becomes brighter and more like daylight.